Lifetime Guarantee

Our design ethos and manufacturing process enables us to offer a 100 Year Guarantee on the FOREVERHANDLE™

We are confident in our ability to bring to market only the best products to truly redefine existing alternatives.

FOREVERHANDLE™ will be backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

This guarantee applies to the material and construction of the product for its intended use by it’s original owner. This guarantee is not transferrable, and is voided if the product is exposed to harsh chemicals, misuse and neglect, extreme environments and damage caused by non intended use.

If your product fails to live up to its hype, then email us at and we will resolve this for you. Please include the following in your email: 

  • Receipt/Invoice from us or our retail partner
  • Image of the faulty product
  • Full Name. Contact Details and Delivery Address

Are you a customer who bought from one of our retail partners? Don’t worry, we've got your back. 

Please keep a copy of your receipt provided by the retailer. Without the receipt, we will be unable to track and authenticate whether the product is truly ours so we won’t be able to assist you. 

Our guarantee does not apply if you haven’t purchased from our official retail partners listed on our website. 

All shipping charges including return to base of the faulty product and delivery of the new FOREVERHANDLE™ will be the responsibility of the customer. You will be able to purchase a return shipping option and we will ensure the cost is the same for our usual delivery charges.