• Bamboo Brush. Redefined™

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We make reusable things™


Original Bamboo Brush. Redefined™ Starter Kits

New Release Bamboo Brush. Redefined™ Starter Kits

Bamboo Toothbrush Annual Kits

Eco Bamboo Head Annual Packs

Kids Bamboo Brush. Redefined™ Starter Kits

Bamboo Brush. Redefined

More than 5 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year

FOREVERHANDLE™ Designed to last you a lifetime

100% Plant Based Nylon Soft Bristles for good oral care

100% Biodegradable earth friendly Moso Bamboo

Certified sustainably sourced bamboo from China

Easy, affordable and beautiful


Our Promise

FOREVERHANDLE™ is backed with a lifetime guarantee for its intended use.

Buy One. Share One

In each Starter Kit, a free bamboo toothbrush is included so you can share this with someone to help them make the switch to a more sustainable option. 💚

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