Our Story

Reusable Thing™ is a brand of Tribu Limited. 

We are passionate and addicted to innovate physical and digital products to align to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

We love to reimagine things to be simpler, reusable and beautiful, so Reusable Thing™ was born to reduce plastic products in New Zealand and the world.

Our design ethos is ‘keep it simple’ and ‘make it last’. This is our guiding principle and we craft and source long lasting things in a market crowded with unsustainable alternatives.

We want to leave the world in a better place than we inherited for generations to come. What better way to make an impact than to redefine the modest toothbrush. 

FOREVERHANDLE™ will always be manufactured in New Zealand for the local market, to support our trade economy. 

We are more than a one product company, our mission is to build a lifestyle of reusing things to maximise its life.

In line with our mission, we have designed and built a sharing marketplace in New Zealand, we launched this in 2017 and we made this absolutely free for our Reusable Thing™ community or anyone interested in the reusing concept to share your household things with people you know! 

We believe sharing your things with friends, family and neighbours will in-still trust, reduce wasteful consumption and have a positive impact to the environment.

We welcome you to join Tribu. It’s free to list your things for sharing, and you can also giveaway your unwanted things to avoid it going to the landfill.

Happy Reusing