Good for Earth

We believe there is a better way to design waste out of everyday products. 

We make reusable things™

Our aim is to design and develop a line of products that are unique in comparison than its alternatives. Our Reusable Thing will simply last you a lifetime, something we strive to maintain. 

Our Range

No more plastic things..You can reuse our products infinitely for its intended use without loosing its usability and structural integrity.


We keep our product packaging simple and use Kraft material, making it either 100% biodegradable or compostable.

Courier Bags

Instead of plastic poly-mailers, we use paper courier bags that are made from recycled and FSC certified paper to a luxurious thickness that will protect your orders.

Eco Bamboo Head

The Eco Bamboo Head is 99% bio-degradable, unfortunately the bristles are plant based but are not biodegradable as they are still Nylon. We suggest you use pliers to remove the bristles and the staples and compost the bamboo at home as it biodegrades. 

Eco Bamboo Head Repurpose Scheme
When you collect 24 used Eco Bamboo Heads, send us an email to, so that we can post your new Annual Subscription of Eco Bamboo Heads with a return label. 

Eco Bamboo Head Subscription

We are big on cutting down emissions too, so we created an Annual Subscription instead of Bi-Monthly or Quarterly. This means you will receive a years worth of Eco Bamboo Heads which are plant based Nylon Bristle and 100% Biodegradable sustainable sourced Moso Bamboo.